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living healthier

Personal trainer & nutritional coach
in Herne Bay

Murray Health is based in Herne Bay providing personal training sessions, bespoke nutrition plans, and group circuit training.

Losing weight for many women is one of the hardest things of their lives. It’s knowing where to start after so many years of work and/or family life coming first. 

Commercial gyms can be intimidating places and knowing how to make lasting improvements to yours and your family’s eating habits can be difficult.

Here at Murray Health, Sonia Murray is an expert in health, nutrition, and personal fitness who can help you create a plan for long-term health and weight loss that you can phase into your home life and sustain.

Realistic diet transition plan for you and your family

Accountability partner to keep you on track

Studio and home exercise plans to keep you motivated

The lifestyle
weight loss & fitness plan

Helping dedicated women create a healthier lifestyle in a realistic time so they can lose weight without fad short-term diets.

01Your personal plan

Getting to know you and your lifestyle habits is really important when creating your plan and your goals. We need to get to the bottom of why, what, and how for this to work.

  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Set your short-term goals
  • Assessment & food diary

02Nutrition coaching

“Diet” has become a dirty word but in fact it simply means your eating habits. We will work together to create a nutrition plan that will integrate into your life to keep you energised.

  • Diet transition plan
  • Energy requirements
  • Tasty, healthy recipes

03Complete fitness

Private sessions alone won’t get you smashing your goals. We need to get you moving more in between our 1-to-1 sessions so you accelerate your progress.

  • Weekly progress check-in
  • Personal training sessions
  • Home fitness routine

Improve your fitness and energy levels and feel more confident about your body image.

Health & fitness plan

Private fitness studio

Flexible, realistic plans

Personal, expert planning

1-to-1 personal trainer

Evolving exercise routine

Great nutritional advice

Nutritious, tasty recipes

Regular check-ins

Private fitness studio
in Herne Bay

Sonia Murray is your guide to a permanent change

Murray Health & Fitness is run by Sonia Murray, who has built extensive knowledge of the human body backed by accredited training from Future Fit and is a registered Exercise Professional.

Sonia is a dedicated coach with a friendly but firm approach to getting you realistic results that will last.

She works from her private studio and loves creating life changing transformations for her clients.

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"Health is not just about getting fit or dieting. You need a practical approach that promotes a healthier lifestyle and not just short-term diets."
Sonia Murray
Your lifestyle expert

what happens after the initial plan?

Great question! Your initial plan is the foundation to getting your habits right and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

Depending on your needs we offer ongoing support and training to make sure you don’t stray too far from the progress you have made. Ongoing support includes:

Additional blocks of training sessions

Monthly support plans

1-to-1 consulting

Meal ideas and recipes

Regular assessment check-ins

Group circuit training

We will discuss this during our meeting.

Sharon's 12 month transformation

"I can't thank Sonia enough for literally changing my life"


  • Weekly session + 2 circuit classes (after getting fitness up)
  • Now comes for weekly maintenance sessions
  • 12 week initial progressive exercise plan
  • Initial bespoke meal plan for her and her family
  • Wanted to keep her lifestyle, including having alcoholic drinks and eating the food she likes


  • 12 months
  • Lost 3 stone
  • Can pick up grandchildren
  • Preps healthy family meals
  • Increased energy and mobility


I first started training with Sonia over a year ago. I hadn’t stepped into a gym for over twenty years but I wanted to get back training again to lose weight improve my fitness. The thought of going into a public gym was intimidating and I didn't know what to do because of my back pain. I finally bit the bullet and booked my first session with Sonia. Straight away I was made to feel at ease; on my consultation, her wealth of knowledge shone through. We spoke about what I wanted to achieve & Sonia gave me advice and helped me set realistic goals. She created an exercise plan that worked around my back pain and other injuries. I’ve never been the healthiest of eaters but after talking with Sonia, she gave me advice on healthier substitutes for the food I was eating. After a year, I’m still seeing Sonia. My confidence has grown, my eating habits are healthier, and I have noticeably improved my mobility. I can’t thank Sonia enough for literally changing my life.

transformations gallery

Jon before after
"Sonia is amazing! She is a great personal trainer and nutritional coach. I would recommend her to anyone. I could eat what I wanted and Sonia providing the motivation and encouragement I needed to make a change. Sonia was eager for me to do well and that she wanted me to learn how to look after myself, not just to lose weight over a short period of time. I lost 3.5st and haven't put any on since! Thanks Sonia, I could not have done it without your help and support!"
-3 stone (Herne)
Jasmine before after
"I started training with Sonia about a year ago and ever since my passion and enjoyment for training has grown. Along with many young women, I have always been interested in getting fit but haven't quite known how to. Sonia improved my overall confidence and knowledge of weight training massively. She taught me skills and techniques that I have taken into the gym independently and all round changed the way I work out."
-4 stone (Herne Bay)
Claire Ellen Ranger before after
"Sonia from Murray Health has given me body confidence I never thought possible at the age of 50. A year ago, my husband and I wanted to climb Mount Snowdon; I couldn’t walk up a hill without getting out of breath. We trained with Sonia 3 times per week. She gave me the strength and endurance to tackle this huge mountain. I was so pleased with my achievement. I then asked Sonia to help me lose weight and tone up. She gave me invaluable advice on creating a healthy eating plan that fit around my busy lifestyle. I did two personal training session and two circuit classes per week and the results were amazing. I was asked to do photo shoot and I actually had the body confidence to do it. I am so pleased I have come this far and I have to thank Sonia so much for this. It wasn't easy and I had a few setbacks but Sonia was there to support me every step of the way."
-1 stone (Broomfield)

Ready to improve your
Health & fitness?

Let Sonia create a lifestyle plan to reach your long-term goals forming healthier habits for life.

Sonia Murray small portrait

Lifestyle consultation with Sonia

Your personal data will be used to respond to your enquiry as per our privacy policy

Achieve your goals
or your money back

I’m so passionate and confident about achieving results for my clients. If you don’t reach your agreed goals and you have been 100% committed, working exactly to your lifestyle plan we will refund your investment.

Committing blood, sweat and tears to a personal trainer is a big deal and a leap of faith. In order to show you we really care about our clients and believe in what we do, this is a personal guarantee from Sonia Murray to you.

Group training circuit
in Herne Bay

In addition to 1-to-1 sessions, we offer group classes that cover functional resistance training and cardio workouts for all abilities and ages. Our classes are run by Sonia Murray and promote a fun and friendly environment. Group sizes of 15 to 20 people.

We also offer small group training for a maximum of 3 people from our private studio.

  • St. Peters Church, Greenhill
    • Tuesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm & 7:45pm – 8:45pm
    • Thursday 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Call us on 07872 932 114 or send us a message to attend.

"I was running about twice a week but found it quite solitary and boring. I saw an advert for Sonia’s circuit classes with Murray Health and I thought I would them a try. I was hooked after the first session. I have noticeably improved my fitness and met a great bunch of people. Everyone works to their own ability and no one is in competition with each other, which is what has kept me there for almost a year. The circuit classes are lively and fun but most importantly, Sonia designs them to work all muscle groups. She changes them each week and uses different equipment at each station so you don’t get bored doing the same exercise. They are now part of my Tuesday evenings."

The top questions we get asked

We can train both males and females over the age of 18.

You can book in between 6.00am – 8.00pm, Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on a Saturday. We understand people are living busy lives, so our hours are flexible to suit all needs.

The nature of personal training is such that it incorporates your needs, goals and preferences. We will need to ask some initial questions during the consultation, which probe the demands that are placed on you from your job or lifestyle. Typically, the consultation last about an hour will include questions about.

  • Basic personal details
  • Medical background
  • Fitness background
  • Lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking or drinking)
  • Nutritional habits (you may be asked to keep a diary)
  • Personal goals and objectives in relation to fitness

Depending on your recent fitness and exercise programmes (or lack of) we may ask you for a doctor’s certificate if we believe that medical conditions and/or past injuries will affect your participation in a training session. If you are under the care of a doctor for any reason, you may be asked to see your doctor to obtain their clearance first.

Please be aware that your doctor may charge you for this.

Yes. We completely understand that people lead busy lives, so we’re flexible on sessions and you won’t have to stick to the same time each week.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is required for all sessions, so we can reallocate your session.

Notice of less than 24 hours will incur full payment of the session fee.

If you are late for a session the session will not extended and will end at the previously agreed time. If the trainer is late, additional time will be added to the session or to subsequent sessions.

Clothes should be comfortable and non-restrictive; footwear should be comfortable and provide adequate support.

Yes, we are fully qualified Personal Trainers. See the qualifications section higher up this page for more information.

We do a mixture of resistance, functional and cardiovascular training, but we will only do the exercises that you feel happy to do.  Our job is to create a personal training programme best suited to you and that you’ll enjoy and stick to in order for you to reach your goal.

Prices vary, as we offer various packages with discounts on block bookings.

You can pay cash, bank transfer, debit card, or monthly by standing order. For a one-off session you can pay on the day at a cost of £30 per session

Yes. Whether it’s working out as a couple or with friend we have the package to suit you.

We are fully aware that in order to change an unhealthy lifestyle you have to work within it. You will find that we can give you nutritional and lifestyle advice – whether you take it is up to you. We will give you the skills and support for you to make healthy choices that will last.

No, only qualified dietitian can prescribe a diet plan. We will work with you and give the advice and skills for you to create your own healthy meal plan that is tailored to your needs and best suited to achieve your goals.

The aim is to provide long term strategies for change and not quick fix options that won’t last.

A personal training session will normally last for one hour. This will consist of a brief warm-up followed by your main training programme where you will focus on your goals using cardiovascular, strength or flexibility exercises. Finally, there will be a cool down and stretching. Any programme may vary from one session to the next according to the client’s needs and progress.

Need more help? Call us on 07872 932 114 or send us a quick message.

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